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Monday, 20 May 2019

These foods look nutritious, but they are actually cheated by the name

 These foods look nutritious, but they are actually cheated by the name

1. Plant milk is not milk
At present, there are more so-called vegetable milk, such as soy milk, coconut milk and almond milk, which are not really milk.
Only mammals can produce milk, and plants cannot produce milk. “Plant milk” is more similar to “soybean milk”, which is made by soaking, grinding, and homogenizing the beans, nuts or coconut meat. Some "plant milk" will add some emulsifier, such as carrageenan, in order to achieve milky white and texture similar to "milk".
Nutritionally, no “vegetable milk” can completely replace milk. However, if it is allergic to milk protein or lactose intolerance and vegetarian, vegetable milk is a good choice.
2. Nutritional cereals are not nutritious
Oatmeal is the first choice for breakfast for many people, simple and convenient. Especially for "nutritional cereals", you only need to add water to get rid of instant milky instant cereal.
However, in fact, the soluble dietary fiber content of the oatmeal itself has been lost during the finishing process, and the nutritional content is also greatly reduced. And in order to pursue the taste, this instant cereal adds a lot of non-dairy creamer, flavor and sugar, and the calories are high. It is generally not recommended for sugar friends and dieters.
3. Lactic acid bacteria beverages have limited ability to digest
In recent years, there are a variety of lactic acid bacteria beverages on the market. There are active lactic acid bacteria beverages that need to be refrigerated, and there are also room temperature. Many people buy them in the advertisements to promote intestinal peristalsis and help digestion and absorption.
Probiotics require three conditions: a sufficient amount, alive to reach the intestine, and beneficial to the host.
Probiotics may be inactivated during production, processing, storage, and transportation, regardless of the temperature control of any part of the process. Even if the lactic acid bacteria drink contains a large amount of active probiotics, after drinking from the mouth, it is limited to survive into the intestines through the 'destruction' of stomach acid.
4. Whole wheat bread is not a healthy whole grain product
When buying coarse grain products, be careful not to think that the words “whole wheat”, “coarse grain” and “high fiber” are healthy foods.
There are many whole-grain breads, whole-grain biscuits and other foods on the market. At first glance, there are a little bit of bran on the biscuits. But don't be fooled by the bran on the surface.Wheat flour, refined vegetable oil, bran, white sugar, shortening, and the ingredients in the ingredients list have leaked their essence. Flour-based, in order to improve the rough taste caused by bran, a lot of vegetable oil is added to the biscuit, which is not a healthy whole grain product.

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