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Monday, 20 May 2019

Reduce calories fat lose

Eight foods that reduce unnecessary calories

Just using water instead of fruit ice cream and tuna canned oil instead of chocolate ice cream can lower calories enough.
Is there a way to reduce 500Kcal daily intake without hunger? Let's take a look at the eight foods that reduce calories introduced in this article. You can reduce your calories while eating healthy food.
If you want to lose weight and build a solid body, there is food you  should not eat. If you reduce your calorie intake by a little bit, you will not feel hungry or feel bad. Let's see how to reduce unnecessary calories.

  • Fruit ice cream

It's hard to get rid of the joy of ice cream, but  let's eat fruit ice cream instead of chocolate ice cream. 
The chocolate ice cream 200g is 227Kcal, but the fruit ice cream is about 200Kg and 132Kcal, which is about 100Kcal less. Fruit ice cream also has less fat content. 

  • Ginger flavored cupcakes

I usually prefer a chocolate flavor when eating cupcakes or muffins, but next time I'll try chocolate ginger flavor instead.
Chocolate cupcakes are usually 535Kcal, while ginger cupcakes are only 230Kcal.Chocolate is really high in calories, so if you want something sweet, let 's eat ginger instead of chocolate.

  • Tuna

Reducing calorie intake is much easier than you might think. Replacing sunflower oil in canned tuna with water  can reduce 190Kcal to 96Kcal.
Also,  the nutrients of the tuna are not lost. Tuna with low fat content is  rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, B12, D, E, amino acids and minerals such as iodine, potassium, iron, and phosphorus. 

  • Snacks

There is a time when something comes out and a snack is pulled. Remember that popcorn is rather calorie than nuts . 
  • The mixture of several nuts exceeds 600Kcal in 100g. On the other hand, a similar amount of popcorn is only 375Kcal. 
  • Fruit snacks
Eating cookies between meals helps to heal hunger, but cookies are not as good for your health.
Cookies for snacks contain more sugar than the nutrients your body needs.Instead of cookies , it is good to eat fruits that contain vitamins and minerals that help with day-to-day activities. 

  • Potatoes

It's hard to believe, but  instead of fresh potatoes, frozen potatoes have fewer calories.  Of course, frozen potatoes are not fresh, but after eating they last longer.Why? Frozen potatoes contain more healthy starch , so fullness is maintained. 

  • Vegetable chips instead of potato chips

If you enjoy eating potato chips, let's eat vegetable chips that you can easily make at home  .
Vegetable chips have a much lower calorie than commercial potato chips. Normally, potato chip is about 500Kcal per 100g, but the vegetable chip is only 221Kcal. 
Let's reduce calorie intake by replacing high calorie foods with low calorie foods.

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