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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Reason to get fat even if you only drink water

Reason to get fat even if you only drink water

  •  Insulin overdose

Even though I ate less rice, I get fat. If you eat less rice, you might think your blood sugar levels are low. Mizoguchi Toru, a Japanese nutritionist, says that excessive insulin secretion can give unexpected results. This is because insulin is involved in fat synthesis. Even if you eat a little, because of the over-secreted insulin, the fat is easily accumulated and easily fattened.

  • Wrong eating habits

Modern diets should not slow down their blood sugar levels because refined sugars are overflowing. To avoid obesity, you have to be careful about how to replace sugar.

  • Lack of exercise and lack of basic metabolism

Another reason for people to get fat easily even if they eat only water is because the body is cold and the momentum is small. These people have low basal metabolism. Lower basal metabolic rate does not convert energy into energy and can easily cause obesity.

  • Blood circulation disorders and fatigue symptoms

One of the constitutional characteristics of a person who gets fattened even if he or she eats only water is a person who is not able to circulate blood, feels fatigued easily, rests his breath, and rats can easily get well

  • Easy Steaming Constitution

Another reason to get fat even if you eat only water is 'constitution'. This is because people who ingest the same amount of water do not have a good excretion and have a low physiological load. This is the case when you are sensitive to stress, have a lot of emotional ups and downs, are introverted, weak digestive function, and often have gastrointestinal disease.

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