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Monday, 20 May 2019

How to make a rice water mask

How to make a rice water mask

Now, from time to time, there will be toxic masks on the market, either too much heavy metal elements, or easy to have allergies, and what is natural? I recommend you make your own rice water mask, in fact, Taomi water mask is a lot of female friends. A mask that is often used and has a good cosmetic effect. Any skin type female friend can use it. Next, let's share with you how to make a Taomi water mask.
Taomi water is a kind of water after washing rice. This water is alkaline. Some rice, protein, vitamins and other nutrients are dissolved in the rice water, which can decompose the oil on the face, dilute the pigment and prevent the appearance of fat particles. . Long-term adherence to washing your face with water and washing your hands will make your skin smooth and elastic. Nowadays, the beauty online is recommending to wash your hands with this method. It can be seen that there are no side effects found.
Now specifically for the Taomi water mask
Material: Mask bowl (or other container) Mask brush compression mask clean towel
Preparation: Grab a small amount of rice, put it in a mask container, rinse it with water first, remove the dirt, then soak it in about 50ML of water, soak it for more than 3 hours, usually make a mask at night, soak the rice in the morning.
Method: Rice has been soaked and softened after several hours of soaking and can be used. Clean the face first, then wash your hands, use one hand to punch the rice after soaking, it will be easy to crush, the water soaked will turn white at this time, about a minute or two, the rice soup is very white and thick, no Need to remove the deposited rice, or continue to soak, so that more nutrients. Then compress the mask paper 

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