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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Follow these few simple steps to stay mentally healthy

  • Follow these few simple steps to stay mentally healthy

  • Contact others

Establish a network of relationships with people who support you and maintain good connections.

  • Have fun! Plan some interesting things

Make some time each day to enjoy what you like to do. It's hard to be confused, you can laugh a lot – laughter can charge you.

  • take care of yourself

If you are in good health, you are more likely to feel happy. keep working out. Enjoy a delicious breakfast. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy snacks, and have a balanced diet. There is a close connection between physical and mental health. Be kind to your body.

  • rest

 Sleep helps restore your body and mind. The goal is at least 7 hours of sleep. Get up and get up on time every day. Turn off your phone and computer an hour before bedtime. Take time to relax and calm down. If you have trouble sleeping, lie in bed for half an hour and then get up to another room, or sit in a chair and watch a half-hour book or TV (don't look at your computer or mobile phone, because the blue light will keep you awake) Then try to go back to bed and sleep for half an hour.

  • Respond to stress

 Pay attention to what causes stress, which part of your body feels pressure and how you react to stress. This will help you better control your stress. Learn to express it when anger is not big, rather than let it accumulate. Relaxing with breathing, yoga or meditation can help.

  • Think about it today

We often think about the past or plan for the future, not live in the moment. Focus on living at this moment. Outdoors, pay attention to the sun on your face or the wind that licks your face, or feel your feet on the sidewalk. Indoors, feel your body on a chair, or feel your feet on the floor. Consciously perceive the current surrounding world. This is important for your mental health.

  • Challenge yourself

 Learn a brand new ability or set a troublesome goal. Try new things, work hard to achieve fitness goals or healthy eating goals, learn to cook new dishes, or learn a new computer skills. Learning can improve mental health.

  • Drink less and avoid contaminating any drugs

People sometimes abuse alcohol and other drugs to get a better feeling, but alcohol and other drugs can only make the problem worse.

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