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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Exercise is very important

Exercise is very important 

If women and gentlemen love their life then exercise and keep walking or else your health will soon drive you through life's run. They went to the day when exercising was continuing in our lives rather than our conversation that we did not even know it. But today's life has given us many facilities that we have almost forgotten if we walk Sometimes exercises try to walk.
The same situation is about to climb the stairs and work of the house that is the rule of machines on every side. These machines have given us comfort, time saving, and convenience as well as unhealthy weight and infinite diseases as bonuses. We feel that thing, but we do not make any serious effort to procure it, before it was assumed that exercise is only essential and beneficial for older people, but now we look at ourselves if we look around. That exercise is essential only since childhood.

Because now, instead of healthy children, two types of children are seen. Along with looting or obesity. If such children work, they should sit on TV or computer sitting in front of the right to the right and then on the left side to the right side and every second of the food. Yes, parents are scared to take them out on a walk. For example, in a shopping mall or amusement park, where a two-hour retreat but slowly deficient, the fast food and soft drinks are returned to a deliciously decorated home that works well.
This is the fact that there is an increase in weight by the rest of your comfort, whose minds are when they look at a woman who is underweight and then takes care of eating it to mislead this grief. Are there They also carry the weight of their increased weight on the way in the way the weight weighs. And she wakes up, wakes up, and drinks overweight and worried.
But the person who starts a serious effort to get rid of them. Yes, watching TVs and magazines, looking at delicate vagina, the hunting hunt to be like them in the heart stays and various machines to exercise hands on this hobby are also decorated. After a few days, clothes are used to spread and teach clothes.
A "worker" version of reducing quick weight for such women is that the use of make-up should be left immediately. A few kilograms of weight will be reduced with guarantee. Some reduction in cosmetics will result in avoiding "bitterness" but the slightest reduction will be due to deep shock due to seeing your face without exercising if exercising exercises can only be reduced by weight loss. But no fatigue or overweight woman might look.
But, "Hey, I'm sorry." However, the world is established on hope. People suffering from reducing and controlling increased weight, if invited to an invitation, see their plummeted plates while eating, it seems that they are not only hostile but are also very angry with themselves because of the loss of both There is a lot of effort to do it at once. The loss of exercise does not appear to be a disadvantage, but the benefits of non-exercise work, yes! Benefits make many other people.
Eg first. The doctors, Hakim and Gym instructors say that they are relieved and dependent on the clinic, poem and gym from the tail of the deceased people. Electronic media and newspapers etc. that contain excessive metabolism and reduce the risk of obesity.
Because obesity is a source of income for many people. So besides stains, now even for motors can say that obesity is good if others are. " The story is all aware of the importance of short workout. And also want to exercise. But the problem is that nobody has time to exercise and they can also do regular. It can be said in such a way that, "I wish I could use a machine that used to exercise and sleep while using Gold, TV and NET, and by using a drink.
"It is time to consider that we have time to use TVs, computers, cell phones. We can reduce the amount of people through the phone by interrupting hours, but reducing our weight loss. We do not have the daily fifteen twenty-five minutes. Many people who are overweight have to say that thinking about this issue is just smart and active only by thinking that today it is a smart body to become smart Start exercising. (It was written during the formation of Jeddah. Therefore reflects the environment there. But now there are similar situations in the big cities of Pakistan too.

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