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Saturday, 25 May 2019

54 tips to help you lose weight

54 tips to help you lose weight

1. It is a good idea not to set up a great plan. And stick your plans in the fridge or bathroom mirror.
2. The scale is just a machine that records your diet trends. Do not use it as a device to criticize your body.
3. Take an after-photo. It will be a great motivation.
4. If the diet is successful, buy a new one that you want to wear. It is good to remind yourself of your goals by placing them where you can see them day by day. It is also desirable to reward small achievements by using new exercise equipment.
5. Even if it is the final goal to subtract 5 kilos and 50 kilos, concentrate on subtracting 1 kilo now. It is much more efficient to set a microscopic goal.
6. Try on jeans once a week.
7. Keep people or things around you that can support your diet. Friends, family, fitness apps, photos that stimulate the diet, and so on.
8. Create a wish list and achieve one by one. It will be your own 'success list'.
9. Imagine how you want to look
10. Get rid of negative thoughts. Let's try to develop a positive mind. Like training your muscles.
11. Look for partners who can lead your accomplishments.
12. Share your accomplishments with others through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
13. Do not reprove yourself that you have eaten food that you have fallen out of exercise one day. It is necessary to understand oneself and become generous. Because you are human.
14. Do various exercises.
15. Do not train for specific muscles, including strength training, for two consecutive days.
16. Record your momentum. If you use the app, your achievement will be immediately felt.
17. It is good to warm your body. Likelihood of injury is also reduced.
18. Prepare a workout DVD in case it is difficult to get out of the rain or snow, or to go to the gym.
19. Download the new fitness app. Please refer to 8 of my favorite apps .
20. At least 3 times a week should exercise enough to sweat.
21. Do not exercise too much to cause irritability, tension, or pain.
22. Do body weight exercises every week .
23. Stretch when your body is still warm after exercise.
24. Register your 5K running program.
25. Try our Flank exercise .
26. Conquer the short-term exercise. If you have only 10 minutes, you can use 10 minutes wisely.
27. When you are at home, use a lightweight weight or band.
28. Breathe deeply when you exercise. Oxygen is needed for effective exercise.
29. Set your exercise time as you make your appointments.
30. Have fun with your family at least once a week.
31. Increase the intensity of your exercise by adding time, speed and effort.
32. When using a treadmill, press the 'Tilt' button or shake your arm sharply.
33. Listen to group fitness classes.
34. Let's eat foods rich in fiber such as beans, broccoli, avocados, bananas and so on.
35. Calories are so important in diet. Let's check carefully how much you are eating.
36. Write a food diary. I know what I am eating all day.
37. Natural food is recommended. Rather than eating packaged food, eat food from nature.
38. Eat healthy food with 'Slow Cooker' which makes cooking easy with one-button click.
39. I have to break the soda. No carbonated drinks for diet.
40. Eat healthy fats like olive oil, peanuts, and avocados.
41. Sometimes I encourage you to raise your luxury. Throw away all guilt.
42. Take the day and prepare food materials in advance. Vegetables, chicken and other food ingredients that can be used to make salads make life easier and healthier.
43. Add protein to your diet. Beans, quinoa, eggs, fish and so on.
44. Once you leave it at home, make a list of foods you can not eat without eating. And do not look at the food.
45. If you want dessert , let's prepare a more healthy dessert .
46. ​​Drink water all the time. How about starting your day with lemon water?
47. Fill the playlist with your favorite music. Music gives a great motivation to the diet.
48. Take a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep
49. Standing is better than sitting. If your job is primarily to sit and work, try to get up from your seat once an hour.
50. Empty your heart and enjoy the tranquility.
51. Let's turn dieting behavior into daily habits. Diet is temporary, but life is perpetual.
52. Regularly check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If the numbers are good, it is evidence that you are doing well on your diet.
53. Stay in nature for your mental health, and keep indoor space clean.
54. Follow fitness experts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media.

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