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Monday, 20 May 2019

5 small action for weight loss

5 small action lunches after relaxing and losing weight

1. Reverse arm pull 

 target: Pull the arm to improve the digestion efficiency. 

  While sitting in the seat, the one arm is drooping, the other arm is upright, and the arms are pulled in the opposite direction until the back is slightly squeezed. Pressure can be. Because it works well, you can make the movements more open. This makes it easier to relax. 

  Exercise intensity: Repeat 8 times. 


 2. Sitting on the knees and turning the body. 

  Target: relieve leg tension, consume excess insulin, 

  sit on the seat, left leg on the knee of the right leg, right hand on the left knee, left hand chair Back to the left to turn the body, after turning to the maximum extent, keep returning for one second, and repeat the exchange direction. 

  Exercise intensity: Repeat 10 times. 

3. Half-bow top waist 

  Target: Eliminate waist pressure, promote bile secretion 

  and “touch without pressing” in the chair, keep the muscles of the legs tight, and hold the waist and eyes with both hands. Lift the whole body to the area that is directly above. 

  Exercise intensity: The whole action can be less than 45 seconds 

4. Standing posture shaking hands 

  Target: relieve the tension of the wrist and relieve the congestion of the digestive system. 

  In a free standing position, put your hands on the trousers on both sides of the body and look straight ahead; then keep your wrists to the shoulders still and shake your wrists at the same frequency. 

  Exercise intensity: The whole action is no more than 30 seconds.

 5. Receiving back movements 

  Target: Relax on the upper back, increase the stomach power, 

  stand or sit up, both hands hold the head to the back of the neck, keep the arms still, use the strength of the back to make the back muscle clips on both sides Tight, repeat the action repeatedly. 

  Action intensity: the whole action is no more than 45 seconds. 

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